Skeletal Arm Dragon

$185.00 $200.00

***This skeletal Dragon is the numbered 3 of a limited addition run***

This adorable dragon is so excited to find its new home and be a fantastical friend for you! Whether it's a Renaissance Faire, Comicon, LARP, costume or cosplay, this mythical beast loves to travel with you, wrapped around your arm, perched atop your shoulder, or wherever works for you! An 11 1/2 inch wing span wraps around you and satin ribbons help keep your dragon secure. Whether you are heading out to wizard school or you are becoming a mother of dragons, this is the perfect friend for you! These beautiful dragons also look great perched as protectors in your home!

Each dragon is lovingly and meticulously hand crafted. Hand cut, carved, tooled and molded out of 6-7 oz veg tan leather, they are then hand dyed and painstakingly painted by hand, every scale painted individually. They are sealed with a protective water resistant wax finish. Their eyes are semi precious beads of genuine hematite, giving their eyes a lifelike soulful shine. The attention to detail in the gorgeous creatures is key to making these a stunning addition to your costume, cosplay or festivities.